Student ID

Have one of the two below.
How to order an International Student ID (ISIC)?
Please go to the following travel agency with a certificate of active student status and a passport photo:
Bron-Y-Aur Kft.
1088 Budapest, Múzeum u. 9.
Phone: +36-1-266-6500
How to order a Hungarian permanent student ID?
(1) Go to the Local Government ("Központi Okmányiroda") and indicate that you would like to order a permanent student ID.
The colleagues there will take a photo of you and will ask for your signature.
They will provide you with a document on which you'll be given a so called NEK number.
Please take this document to us.

The address of the Local Government is the following:
1133 Budapest, (XIII. disctrict)
110 - 112 Visegrádi street

(2) You need to go to Neptun and do the following there:

1. Go to Administration/ Student Card Request and click on "add new"
2. In the line "NEK azonosító" register the NEK number that is given on the paper you receive at the Local Government.
    Demand type: "first application"
3. Click on save.

(3) You need to pay the fee of the permanent student ID: 1400 HUF
This sum has to be paid in HUF so that you transfer it to the following account:

Name of the account: SZIE Student Account
Account number:
Bank: OTP Bank
Name of transfer: NK- X Y

X= your Neptun code
Y= your name

Please note that in case you are using the SZIE Student Account, the transfer is only completed once certain administrative tasks are done in Neptun too. Once the amount arrives in the SZIE Student Account, it is available in Neptun under “Finances”/”Payments” as well. Under “Finances”/”Payments” you see the list of your completed and active payments. Once the transferred amount appears in “Finances”/”Payments,” the one last step to do is to click on “pay in” next to the name of the fee you wish to complete. As a last step, follow the instructions that come up until the system says “payment is completed.”

(4) The permanent student ID will be prepared and posted to the Hungarian address you have in Neptun registered.

(5) Until the permanent ID gets prepared, we will provide you with a temporary student ID.