You can enter to Szent István University Neptun in the following link:

About the other Szent István University systems, you can enter to them with your Neptun code, which is your entry ID. The password is your date of birth without separating characters in the following format. (Neyear, month, day)

    Example: Ne19921202 (in this case, 1992 is the year, 12 is the month, 02 is the day)

At first, you have to log in to this site with you Neptun code and your date of birth:
Here, you have to permit your account status and also the eduroam service in SZIU systems. (SZIU is the shorter name of Szent István University) After your authorization you have to change your password from your date of birth.

Computers and Internet
availability: university buildings (Main Buildings, Library, computer laboratories etc.)

Wireless Internet
availability: on the eduroam with your neptun user name and your password is what
 you changed in
IT assistance in English
G building, groundfloor