The Campus

The Faculty of Food Science of Szent István University is located in the capital's 11th district.

The so called Buda Campus is located in the heart of a wonderful arboretum which presents 1440 species of ornamental trees and shrubs and 400 other plants, Mediterranean-subtropical species and rarities from the Carpathian Basin.

The Campus is bounded by the following streets: Villányi út - Szüret utca - Somlói út.
Addresses of the buildings in which the departments of the Faculty are situated:

Building A: Ménesi út 44.
Building D, E and F: Ménesi út 43-45.
Building G and K: Villányi út 29-43.
Building L: Somlói u. 14-16.
Sport center and dormitory: Szüret utca 2-18.


1.  Building "L"
2.  Sport Centre
3.  Collage
4.  Library
5.  Building "F"
6.  Building "E"
7.  Building "M"
8.  Building "D"
9.  Temporary building
10. Storehouse
11. Building "A"
12. Building "K"
13. Glass house
14. Building "B1"
15. Building "B2"
16. Building "G"
17. Building "C"