The Campus

The Faculty of Food Science of Szent István University is located in the capital's 11th district.

The so called Buda Campus is located in the heart of a wonderful arboretum which presents 1440 species of ornamental trees and shrubs and 400 other plants, Mediterranean-subtropical species and rarities from the Carpathian Basin.

The Campus is bounded by the following streets: Villányi út - Szüret utca - Somlói út.
Addresses of the buildings in which the departments of the Faculty are situated:

Building A: Ménesi út 44.
Building D, E and F: Ménesi út 43-45.
Building G and K: Villányi út 29-43.
Building L: Somlói u. 14-16.
Sport center and dormitory: Szüret utca 2-18.