Health Insurance

Residents of the European Union, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, who are entitled to health care of the national health services or mandatory health insurance scheme of their respective countries of residence, can receive the necessary health care in Hungary free of charge. In case of doubt the health care provider decides whether the needed treatment is medically necessary during the expected duration of the stay in Hungary.

For getting the treatment in the same conditions as Hungarian insured persons, a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or the Provisional Replacement Certificate (PRC) must be submitted to the health care provider.

If you need medically necessary treatment, it is advised to see a general practitioner (GP – “háziorvos”) first. The GP decides whether further specialised out- or inpatient treatment is necessary and will issue a referral. The specialised outpatient care, typically available at outpatient centres (“szakrendelő”), is rendered generally upon referral. Hospital treatment is normally provided through a referral from a GP as well. In urgent cases no referral is necessary.

Where a doctor issues a prescription, it should be taken to the pharmacy, where the European Health Insurance Card shall be submitted as well.

Private charges for seeing a doctor or dentist and co-payment for hospital services and pharmaceuticals are not refundable.

The citizens of the following States can receive health care in immediately necessary cases: Angola, Cuba, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Macedonia, Mongolia, North Korea, Russia, Ukraine. The document certifying the entitlement is the passport only.

Third Countries Citizens and/or residents of countries, which are not part of the European Economic Area and which don’t have bilateral agreements with Hungary on the provision of health care, have to pay full price for the health care services rendered in Hungary. According to the Hungarian legislation, the health care provider can set the fee basically freely; therefore the Hungarian National Health Insurance has no influence on the amount of fee charged. However, in order to avoid discrimination, it is important that the health care provider applies consequently the same fee for same service. For this purpose, most health care providers have established price lists that can be consulted before the treatment.


As a student, you can apply for a National Health Insurance. For more information, please contact the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary (OEP) at 1139 Budapest, Váci út 73/A. Phone: +36-1-350-2001.

Several private health insurance companies are also available for additional health insurance and private medical services and hospitals.

lease, collect the required documents (below) to apply for the Health Insurance.

Required documents are:

Social Security Office (OEP-National Health Insurance Fund) in Budapest:
1139 Budapest, Teve u. 1/A.-C.

Working hours:

Mondays, Tuesdays: 8:00-15:00

Wednesdays: 8:00-16:30

Thursdays: 8:00-15:00

Fridays: 8:00-13:00

After submitting your application you will get a social security number (TAJ number), then within a few weeks a social security card (TAJ card). With a TAJ number /card you are entitled to have the Hungarian public health service for free. There only a few basic services (e.g. given elements of dental services) that are not free.

In this system, you have a general doctor and a dentist. If you have any problem, you have to go directly to the general doctor. In the case of dental problems, it is better to call the dentist before and ask for an appointment.

If you need a specialist, you can go first to the general doctor, who will direct you to the right specialist if needed. If you want to go directly to a specialist, you can make an appointment or in urgent case, you can go directly to the specialist and queue up. Before going to the specialist, you have to register at the registration desk in the clinic. Bring your passport, accomodation card and TAJ card. (registration desk officers usually do not speak English, so try to ask for mentor’s help).

Please note that you have to pay for medical reports/ fitness certificates required for job or application.