Safety Issues

People often worry when they take the decision to study abroad or send their children to an unknown city or town – will it be a safe place to live? If you wish to study in Budapest, you should not worry – Budapest has a reputation as a safe city. Indeed, Budapest is one of the safest capital cities of the world. The city is traditionally a safe place, but the city’s safety policy ensures that the reputation is safeguarded and that the low crime rates continue to decrease.
There are visible and hidden actions to increase the safety of both citizens and visitors to the city. To promote city safety, a number of close circuit TV surveillance cameras are installed in the city. The cameras operate in areas where anti-social behaviour or criminal activity is more likely and are linked to a centrally located control room staffed by an operator around the clock. A greater police patrol attention is given to areas that are frequented by tourists and businessmen. This aims to provide a safer environment and reduce crime levels by deterring potential offenders and helping in crime detection.
Some general precautions to take

  • Watch all your bags and hide your jewellery, wallet and mobile when using public transport or walking in public places;
  • Do not change money in the streets,
  • In restaurants, night clubs and bars be careful and check actual prices before you enter or order (please also check the small-type at the bottom of menu to make sure prices do not change after a given hour or time).

Prime theft areas involve crowds of people, where it is easier to distract the unsuspecting tourist. Train stations, trains, trams and metros are full of people and present many opportunities for the thief. Do not leave purses and luggage unattended at any time - all it takes is one unguarded moment and the thief will have what he is after: your money and/or passport.
If you have been the victim of any incident, scam or theft, you should file a police report and report the incident to us.
Victims of personal crimes, such as theft, robbery, scams or overcharging while in Hungary are strongly encouraged to report all such incidents to the police. The Hungarian National Tourist Office has a special telephone number for tourists who become the victim of personal crime while in Hungary. Personnel with foreign language capability, including English, are on duty seven days a week to give advice on how to file a police report and to help to find the nearest police station. This telephone number is: 438-8080.